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The Triangle

Cassandra was in a cold sweat as the loop of her running in panic ran again. The camera zoomed in on her once more and she could no longer tolerate the suspense, bolting off and begging for someone to come help them. This time as the drone looped around she was no longer among them on the feed. This time it swerved over to Jaire, who was paying no attention to the video display on his watch and was instead retching into a trash can. Emory’s eyes turned to him while Willis was still focused on his tablet. Emory saw her boyfriend heaving while Willis saw his friend wipe his mouth, glance at his watch, shake and sprint off into the distance, joining Cassandra. Looking up he saw Jaire finally pull away from the bin only to look at his watch and lose his mind. In turn they would each succumb to the self-fulfilling prophecies they witnessed, never able to break away, never able to escape the deserted island to which they were lured.

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