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If At Last You Do Succeed

Rhianna stood in front of the large metal plate in her garage and pressed a button on the fob in her hand. It hummed, a few strips placed seemingly at random around the plate glowed a soft blue; then shapes emerged, unfolding from what was just a frame, and taking shape into a car. It rose up, revealing a strip along her driveway that extended into the street and in every other direction. Combining solar energy, GPS, and magnetic propulsion transportation became fast, safe, and clean. National Space Agencies could send rockets into space that would unfurl a frame of panels the size of a football field that could block sunlight for nearby telescopes, allowing them to see farther into space. Shunts for clogged arteries, lighter and stronger bulletproof material, the future was shaped by the Origami Revolution: the art of folding.

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