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Everytime It Rains… You Get Wet

It was the last Thursday of the month, which meant it was Windham’s monthly appointment with his therapist, Dr. Furber. Windham had been concerned about the effectiveness of the therapy from the very first session during which the doctor asked “Does this look happy?/Does this look sad?” not referring to pictures of people, or even inkblots, but regarding situations like interviewing for a job, or setting aside time to be alone and relax. Windham became preoccupied with trying to suss the meaning of these questions which the Doctor seemed to pick up on, asking him curtly “Where are you?!” Over the next few months Windham conformed to the odd language and had many breakthroughs. What he never learned was that Dr. Furber was one of thousands of alien immigrants on planet Earth, one whose business entailed studying humans. Nor could he have guessed that just as easily as human eyes detect light waves, his species could perceive the mood of ingress and the passage of time.

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