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Okay, so in my first non-flash-fiction post I said that my next one would be more about me. That was over a year ago.


My name is Daniel, I was born in Colorado and I moved to Texas when I was 7.

My greatest influences would probably be, in chronological order:

The Ransom of Red Chief
Possibly something from middle/high school
Brain cancer
The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Red Chief – A story originally penned by O. Henry, given new life and morbid twists as told by my dad as a bedtime story for myself and my brother. The humiliating and humorous detail into the tortures suffered by the would-be kidnappers, the nuanced indifference of the parents, the nightly re-tellings of that story probably had a greater impact on my sense of humor than any other strand of pop culture.

There was probably a class, teacher, story, project, or something that had some impact on me in junior high or high school, but I don’t remember much from those years, because…

Brain cancer – in keeping with my “short short” prose, I’ll try to simplify this to the “short short” version of a very long story. When I was 19 I was attending college in New York, but shortly after my arrival I noticed a slight limp, a weakness in my right leg. Over the course of several days it got worse, and so I set up an appointment with a doctor; after a few physical tests and questions, he said it could be many many things, but worst case was a brain tumor. I went to a neurologist, did many of the same tests (raising false hopes), followed by an MRI; he looked at a scan and in a tone that could literally define nonchalance said “It’s what I expected, you have a brain tumor.” One about the size of a tennis ball that had been growing for three years. Surgery removed it, testing confirmed it was cancer, I went through a couple months of radiation, and I’ve been doing great ever since. Like I said, it’s a long story, I may elaborate in a later post.

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas – A short story I read by Ursula K. LeGuin in a basic English course in college. It, probably more than anything, made me start seeing myself as a writer instead of someone who writes.

I actually intended to create this new post several months ago, however I forgot how. Technically these aren’t “posts”, they’re “pages”. That’s more to help me remember than it is for you, the reader.


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