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Last Stand

Kally had lost many things in his life, and had a few things stolen, but none so precious as his Song. A Tulean without a Song is an outcast, fated to be shunned, or worse… Their Song is their essence, their soul, the guiding force that provides answers when they are unsure of what to do or where to go. Kally attempted to continue on, hoping it wouldn’t be noticed, but of course it was, for a missing Song is as easy to spot as a missing limb. At his trial, Kally pleaded for understanding, how could he be blamed for the criminal actions of another? While the Council were sympathetic, they explained that without his Song, Kally would be useless to the community, and his doubt and insecurity would spread like an infection. Their verdict was banishment, and they requested any final thoughts from the witnessing congregation; that’s when Talia-Ar said she would share her Song with Kally, that her life was not complete without him.

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