a cure for the common block

The Operation

Willis and Cassandra, and Jaire and Emory were enjoying the leisure activities offered at the island resort: golf, swimming, badminton; and the best part was that they were virtually alone. They had reserved the cheapest dates available: in the middle of December. Being hearty Wisconsinites they knew they could handle even the coldest weather the tropics could offer, but to their delight the tiny island in the Pacific was experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures. They were taking a break, scattered around the Ultimate Frisbee park when they all got news alerts on their phones: a plane carrying a woman from Venezuela to New York for a groundbreaking operation fell off radar, and using GPS to locate her phone discovered it streaming a live video feed, spinning in mid-air without losing altitude. The gang were mesmerized and perplexed by the phone-turned-drone, when suddenly the image blurred as it sped forward, but not downward.

#ShortShortStories #TheOperation


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