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The Engagement

Miranda was absolutely stunning in her red dress as she glanced back into the party from her balcony with a half-smile. It was supposed to be one of the happiest nights of her life, her engagement party. While her home was filled with friends and family from childhood and school, to recent friendships through her career as a dental assistant, something was off. She looked out into her garden deep in thought when Matthew approached her, briefly startling her leading to a back-and-forth mumbling of apologies and excuses. They had dated for a few months, and were friends for a decade before that, but he knew her better than anyone, possibly even her fiancee. He asked her what was bothering her and she knew he wasn’t just being kind or trying to warm her up for some kind of favor. She grieved that several of her exes, whom she still felt close to even if the romantic feelings were gone, were still trying to impress her and win her affection. Her eyes welled up because these men couldn’t just be happy for her, they still couldn’t see her as a friend.

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