a cure for the common block


It had been ten years since the release of Clea Mercy, Set stopped killing, suspects were cleared of any involvement and the case went cold. Then a new body lead detectives to their strongest suspect: Wayne Stuart Yates, a metal shop teacher whose mother was a trained taxidermist. The case was mostly circumstantial, but their strongest and weakest evidence was Clea’s testimony; the defense would no doubt contest that she had given it so many times it could no longer be relied upon as an accurate memory, but was now just a story that had been rehearsed dozens of times. However, with access to people from their suspect’s personal life they could attempt to corroborate elements from the story and find a new witness. Whit and Garza probed Wayne’s life as it was ten years earlier; friends revealed a loathing resentment for his mother, co-workers described a morbid sense of humor, and an ex-girlfriend was unsettled by his obsession with her eyes.

#ShortShortStories #Witness


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