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Blind Date

After crossing off the last shop on the list, the detectives investigating the murders of two young women weren’t much further along than when they started, but then they got their first actual break: a witness, so to speak. Clea Mercy worked at a call center and walked home every night. She was blind, but had trained to use a form of echolocation – visualizing her environment using a clicking sound with her mouth – allowing her to walk unaided by a cane. She recounted being grabbed by a man threatening her with a gun pointed to her back, walked into a nearby thicket and once on the ground felt a gun pressed to her head. Clea teared up, saying that the man angrily asked what was wrong with her eyes, and stormed off roaring with ferocity. They had his voice, his scent, and a general description of his body; the detectives finally felt a step ahead.

#ShortShortStories #BlindDate


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