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Not Another Monday

Detective Garza was assigned the case of the serial killer nicknamed ‘Set’, after the Egyptian God who tore out the eyes of his brother, Osiris. He had never personally worked a serial killing, but knew from second-hand experience how frustrating they can be: there’s rarely a personal connection between the victim and killer, obsession and ritual leading to the first victim means little forensic evidence, and so much of the investigation is waiting for the next clue, which is to say waiting for the next body to drop. He re-read the coroner’s report and the extensive detail about the expert removal of the eyes from their sockets and pondered how someone could practice that over and over without leaving a trail of bodies, human or otherwise? With a crash he had an insight! He printed off a list of local businesses and called his partner to meet him at the first on the list: Buff ‘Em, Fluff ‘Em, Stuff ‘Em Taxidermist.

#ShortShortStories #NotAnotherMonday


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