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That’s for Me to Know

Niko began the autopsy of the victim brought in by police; multiple gun shot wounds to the back of the head was the likely cause of death, but a full examination is required in all suspected homicides. All was routine, relatively speaking, until he lifted the woman’s eyelids and was struck by a deeply disturbing sight: both eyes had been surgically removed. What horrified Niko so profoundly was that this is not a medical procedure one could learn from a textbook or even medical school, the skill of blindly severing eyes from their sockets perfectly could only be gleaned through repeated real-life practice. It took him hours to recover from the trauma and cope with the inevitable. Less than a week later another woman’s corpse was brought in, two shots to the head, and Niko could barely keep his hands steady to lift the lids and confirm his worst fears: a serial killer was loose in the city.

#ShortShortStories #ThatsForMeToKnow


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