a cure for the common block

The President’s Coming! The President’s Coming!

Owen stared at the television for several minutes in silence – it wasn’t a nightmare, it actually happened. He felt a chill cut through him like all joy had left his body, as if every happy memory had been erased; then the fear sank in. War, terrorism, global humiliation, economy disasters, and he was right about a few things but there were also a few surprises. Stock in alcohol skyrocketed, demand for drugs became so rampant that a tidal wave of legalization swept through the country. Yes, there was war, soldiers lost their lives for a worthless cause, but it was handled the old-fashioned way: by men greedy for power – not money – so while the economy wasn’t booming, it was lifted enough to stave off a depression. As for the humiliation, most of the rest of the world rather took pity, a few even offered refugee status to certain groups of people. It wasn’t the end, the world continued to turn.

#ShortShortStories #ThePresidentsComingThePresidentsComing


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