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That’s for Me to Know

Niko began the autopsy of the victim brought in by police; multiple gun shot wounds to the back of the head was the likely cause of death, but a full examination is required in all suspected homicides. All was routine, relatively speaking, until he lifted the woman’s eyelids and was struck by a deeply disturbing sight: both eyes had been surgically removed. What horrified Niko so profoundly was that this is not a medical procedure one could learn from a textbook or even medical school, the skill of blindly severing eyes from their sockets perfectly could only be gleaned through repeated real-life practice. It took him hours to recover from the trauma and cope with the inevitable. Less than a week later another woman’s corpse was brought in, two shots to the head, and Niko could barely keep his hands steady to lift the lids and confirm his worst fears: a serial killer was loose in the city.

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Questions and Answers

The team of scientists were a mere few tests away from proving their radical theory – that the speed of light was faster just after the Big Bang than it is today – but one among them felt dread at the prospect rather than excitement. Proving Albert Einstein wrong is possibly one of the highest achievements in the field of physics, but Timothy always looked to the future instead of the past and understood that if the speed of light was slowing it would continue to slow, on and on as the force of gravity increased. He had done the calculations and if their theory was correct and the rate of decline continued, the outer Universe was already collapsing in on itself and the collapse would reach our observable Universe in less than half a billion years.

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The President’s Coming! The President’s Coming!

Owen stared at the television for several minutes in silence – it wasn’t a nightmare, it actually happened. He felt a chill cut through him like all joy had left his body, as if every happy memory had been erased; then the fear sank in. War, terrorism, global humiliation, economy disasters, and he was right about a few things but there were also a few surprises. Stock in alcohol skyrocketed, demand for drugs became so rampant that a tidal wave of legalization swept through the country. Yes, there was war, soldiers lost their lives for a worthless cause, but it was handled the old-fashioned way: by men greedy for power – not money – so while the economy wasn’t booming, it was lifted enough to stave off a depression. As for the humiliation, most of the rest of the world rather took pity, a few even offered refugee status to certain groups of people. It wasn’t the end, the world continued to turn.

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