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Dwarf in a Helium Hat

D.W. Duncan did not like having his his patience tested, so it was quite displeasing when Mr. Qoptx appeared, albeit entirely predictable. D.W. was frequently plagued by Murphy’s Law, and when he was beseiged by an interdimensional imp with a penchant for mischief he could only blankly stare ahead, imagining an invisible camera that followed him around to record his tribulations for the amusement of others. Mr. Qoptx could shapeshift and manifest all manner of objects, lights, and sounds, none of which were observable to anyone other than D.W. Mr. Duncan – after decades of experience with child, customer, and municipal services – had an unwavering composure and tuned out the diminutive goblin. Little did he know that this tenacity was why he was selected as the subject of the bet between Mr. Qoptx and Loki.

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The Paper Palace

Jaire’s friends were impressed by his cup-stacking skills but scoffed at the idea of a competition when he told them his plans for the weekend. He shrugged off their jeers and continued to practice building up the cups into a pyramid before breaking it down into three smaller pyramids and various other arrangements. The three rounds at the state tournament would decide who continued on to the finals in the nations capitol. If that wasn’t enough pressure Jaire secretly wanted to prove to his friends that it wasn’t just a silly party trick, that it required months of practice. There were three judges who scored based on speed, accuracy, and complexity, and if Jaire had been sitting in any of those chairs he would have failed his performance; he was his own biggest critic that way. Not only did he not fail, he advanced to the next round, and despite every mistake and fumble that he noticed he was again advanced to the final round of the state tournament. He didn’t advance to compete in the final competition, but 4th place got tickets to the finals, all expenses covered, and a cash prize that garnered new-found respect from his friends.

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Just a Coupla Guys

Lawrence wanted to spend time with his friend Ray, but was frustrated when he suggested another mutual acquaintance, Timothy, tag along. Ray had been Lawrence’s best friend for years, his first true confidante, and while he didn’t mind Tim’s company, something about Ray wanting someone else to join them bothered him. Shortly after their weekend excursion, Lawrence tried articulating his feelings to another close friend, Helle. Helle was a good listener, she was very perceptive and believed she understood what was upsetting Larry; she asked him to promise her something – because she knew he only made promises he intended to keep – and he obliged. Lawrence promised to carefully think about what made him upset. Alone back at home he thought about why he wanted to go out with Ray in the first place, why he wanted it to be just the two of them, why he cared about who Ray invited. By the end of the night he would feel the need to make a confession to Ray, a confession that permanently changed their friendship.

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