a cure for the common block


Steven turned the key in his ignition and heard a blood-curdling shriek from under the hood of his car that jolted his hand away, launching the keys somewhere into the backseat. He sat frozen for a full minute before he felt comfortable enough to inspect the situation; eyes locked ahead and unblinking his left hand fumbled to pull the handle and unlatch the hood. He didn’t believe in the supernatural, yet the sound that erupted from his car sounded completely unnatural; his right hand gripped the handle of his umbrella and raised it as his left hand popped the hood, ready to defend himself against whatever unholy beast lurked in his engine. The soft “Mrr?” from Shane Calico, Steven’s cat, was not exactly what he had expected, and he underestimated the time-consuming difficulty of locating and retrieving his keys from under the passenger-side seat.

#ShortShortStories #Gearjammers


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