a cure for the common block


Alex H. Hofstedter experienced psychic visions throughout his life; they were rare and random, occurring when he came in contact with a person or one of their belongings. Upon contact his mind was sent to a moment in the often indeterminate future, and when he would naturally reach that point in his life he experienced déjà vu. While taking a break from helping his girlfriend Janine move into their new apartment, they laid on the floor clasping hands and Alex’s mind flashed to the same apartment but very different furnishings, and a small boy – his son? – smiling up at him and clapping his hands. In a blink Alex was once again in the present and looked upon his sweetheart with new adoration. Jan’s fingers were covered with rings and he inquired about all of them: this one reminded her of her first puppy, that one belonged to her runaway sister, this one was a gift from her childhood best friend, etc. Almost exactly one year later Alex came home to see Janine crying and embracing a woman resembling pictures he had seen of the long-lost sister; she let go of Janine and wrapped both of her arms around Alex, hurtling him back to the living room with their son.

#ShortShortStories #Roundabout

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