a cure for the common block

The Dog and Pony Show

JD clumsily tripped into a table knocking over a stone obelisk and shaking several other decorative objects sitting on it. He apologized to Arthur, the owner of the objects comparing himself to a bull in a china shop, to which his too-literal roommate explained that bulls were actually quite agile and capable of carefully navigating unfamiliar spaces. Arthur meant well, but he sometimes had difficulties differentiating between idioms and misunderstandings. Once at a party someone remarked about dogs being able to smell fear, Arthur resisted the urge to correct him believing this to be one of those “figures of speech”, but another guest challenged him and they settled the argument with their phones; Arthur almost consistently came to the wrong conclusion playing this vexing game. Ironically, while at a bar downtown Arthur correcting another patron’s misconception about elephants would introduce JD to his future wife.

#ShortShortStories #TheDogAndPonyShow

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