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Sleight of Hand

“Mighty” Mitchum Tate danced around the ring as he delivered what his grandfather would have described as a right jolly lamming to his opponent, Francis More. His grandfather, Mitchum “Freight Train” Tate, was born and lived in Essex, England until the day his son died and he moved to America to raise his grandson. Mitchy, as his grandfather called him, didn’t just learn how to box, Mitchum passed on his lifetime of experience: knot-tying (rope, neck and bow), fencing, baking, dancing, shaping him into a renaissance man – should he ever give up boxing, voluntarily or not. Many of his fans would balk at the idea of Mighty Mitch doing anything other than boxing, saying that watching him box is like watching a shark swim, but those who had only ever seen him fencing – or from the baking class he taught to at-risk teens – would have said the same about the man they saw. Eventually he did move on from boxing, but he never stopped sharing the gifts bestowed upon him by his grandfather.

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