a cure for the common block

The Competitive Edge

Geneva was notoriously bad at recognizing faces; she once had a lengthy conversation with a fellow customer at the grocery store, not realizing it was a co-worker until the next day when they brought it up. Even so, she could tell that this emerald-eyed girl with long, golden locks everyone addressed as “Zoe” was not the same Zoe she had met just days before. Geneva could not recall any specific facial features besides her brown eyes, but she distinctly remembered the Zoe she met having brown hair in a bob cut. She watched them switch back and forth for weeks with nobody else noticing, triggering paranoia about what the duo were up to, let alone what they actually were. In truth, they were testing spy tech for the government and its effectiveness in infiltrating secure facilities. If Geneva had raised any questions the government would have found her faceblindness invaluable to their efforts; many other governments are indebted to her silence.

#ShortShortStories #CompetitiveEdge


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