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The Dark and Bloody Ground

The keys of Deon’s typewriter clicked and clacked as he composed a new entry into his ongoing Splendid Isolation saga. It was a series of novels about an archipelago of misbegotten creatures – collectively referred to as hellions – vying for power; on the cusp of discovering the human world around them and vice-versa. It wasn’t until the third book – Disorder in the House – that the series attained mainstream success, but Deon never cared about the success of his books, he just loved to write and share his creativity with whomever found it. As a child he drew comics on notebook paper – folded the sheets and stapled them – giving them away to his friends and classmates, encouraging them to share and piece together the out-of-order adventure. He didn’t yet know when the series would end, but he wanted the pages leading up to the first human-hellion interaction to make the reader tremble with anticipation.

#ShortShortStories #TheDarkAndBloodyGround

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