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New Life, Old Dragons

And just like that, Cass was reinvigorated. The conversation with his friend was brief – she was calling to let him know that she didn’t actually have time to talk – but hearing her calm voice soothed his nerves. He thought about her effect on his life over the past year, her strength and accomplishments motivated him to grow, to make something of himself. In college he took classes on metalsmithing, forge work, and blade-making, but never pursued it further due to his father’s insistence that it wouldn’t pay his bills or put food on his table. To his father’s credit, he could see the aptitude Cass showed for the craft and suggested he revisit it as a hobby after he found stable work to support himself. Geoffrey Lade – Cassidy’s father – tearfully took back his words when his mortgage was paid off with a check from his son’s online company “Lade’s Blades”.

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