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Return to the 38th Parallel

Many strange assumptions were made by the Korean soldiers when they marched across the 38th parallel in Spring 2024. One soldier wore a helmet he was assured would protect him from the radiation leaking from inferior-quality microwave ovens, and Dae-Won Ru brought a modified transformer he had invented himself. His fears and misgivings about south Korea being as restrictive of electricity as the Free and Prosperous Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (FPDPRK) vanished within an hour of their deployment and he went AWOL. Whether by luck or fate, Dae-Won found a benefactor in an old man running an electronics shop where he tried to sell a battery he had invented. The old man examined the device – about the size of a pack of cigarettes – inquiring about the voltage. He skeptically obliged Dae-Won to find the parts necessary to form an adapter after he asked to see the shops generator. An hour later the lights of the shop dimmed until the power went out and Dae-Won apologized as he disconnected his device and reconnected the generator, explaining that he lacked the power in his home to give it a full charge. The shop owner almost fainted as he attempted to comprehend the technology required for such a power source.

#ShortShortStories #ReturnToThe38thParallel


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