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There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

The crew had successfully piloted the craft into orbit over T’raat, their planet’s second largest moon. Oon was designated to remain behind and maintain status while Fis and Afa boarded the Lander to depart on their mission. The Lander ejected and the two carefully guided its descent to the surface. Their comms would be active for the final moments before they landed and their first comments after, and aside from a 60-second delay the entire planet would hear everything they said. Countless hours were dedicated to training for any eventuality, preparing them to remain calm no matter what. As Afa stepped off the ladder and placed his boot on the powdery terrain of T’raat he said “Pbar f’tet, tet A’pbar”, meaning “One for all, all are one”. Oon swam through the cabin as he listened in; even though the comment was part of the script and he had heard it rehearsed dozens of times, in that moment he felt a powerful connection to everyone on his planet and a rogue tear escaped from his duct and floated off. He looked out one window to the moon, then drifted to another to look at his planet and contemplate his situation. Oon realized that he was the most isolated being in his entire – he was going to think galaxy when he paused upon a second revelation. Out loud he wondered if somewhere out in the Universe at that very moment was another being on a craft not unsimilar to his own, their home planet on one side and a moon on the other side, with crew not unsimilar to Afa and Fis landing on it for the first time? What made him feel simultaneously insignificant and super-significant was the possibility that this being could be having the same revelations.

#ShortShortStories #TheresNoPlaceLikePlrtzGlrb


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