a cure for the common block

That Vision Thing

Laka placed the headphones over his ears and closed his eyes as he sank into the cushions of his couch. He listened to the strumming guitar chords of “Wild Horses” for the first time in over a decade. He got goosebumps as the song triggered a memory from high school, Prom to be exact: he could see his date’s face clearly. The bumps began to tickle almost like an effervescent tingle beneath his skin and Laka saw Shayna’s face in his mind’s eye more vividly than anything he had ever imagined. He felt wrists resting on his shoulders causing his eyes to jolt open and witness Shayna smiling at him. He was a passive audience, unable to say or do anything differently, but this was the first of many fond memories he had the pleasure to literally re-live.

#ShortShortStories #ThatVisionThing


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