a cure for the common block

Dead End

Dasch had been devising a way to kill Mr. Benedict for weeks; what made it so difficult was that a perfect murder would look innocent. The mob wouldn’t look into the accidental death of one of their own even if it was Orson Benedict, one of the “Three Kings” of Bentam Harbor. It would be a waste of the grease they send to the pigs, and it would raise suspicion on their legitimate businesses. Daschel’s other dilemma was the matter of witnesses and evidence. He had to leave enough of a trail for astute readers to get ahead, but if it was too oblique he risked leaving the less observant unsatisfied when they reached the end. The solution to everything came as a flight to Tuscon to visit his in-laws began its descent and he peered clearly into dozens of backyards, a lone witness hundreds of feet in the sky.

#ShortShortStories #DeadEnd


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