a cure for the common block

Sense and Sensitivity

Tycho strolled through the halls running his fingers along the painted concrete cinder blocks and intermittently pausing to listen to the music emanating from the rooms. He could see the chords as they were plucked; beats pounded; notes chirped; floating and vibrating in the air before him, a colorful array of sheet music only he could see. Tycho was a synesthete, what he saw was not a reality, but merely the confusing of aural and visual senses creating an hallucinatory effect. He slid onto a bench and his head cocked to one side, his ears picking up a rapturous melody. Rather than notes or words usually formed when he listened to a song, her voice formed one of the most beautiful faces Tycho had ever seen. While it didn’t resemble her at all, when he lifted his head to peek through the window, it was all he could see; he was in love.

#ShortShortStories #SenseAndSensitivity


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