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Through the Looking Glass

Zalthea Galford’s debut novel, “Pygmalion’s Lament”, focused on the concept of physically manifesting fictional characters. However, where other authors simply used it for wish fulfillment or a means to raise the stakes for battle, Zalthea took a sharp turn toward hard sci-fi; a niche based in actual science without inventing jargon and simplistic analogies to handwave anti-gravity, cryonics, and other staples of science fiction far out of reach of even hypothetical physics. She laid the groundwork of the multiverse, including universes which would inevitably abide by different laws of physics – physics that could allow for the psychic projection of the imagination into the material world. The exposition in the book used a brilliant professor writing a series of calculations with foreign notations and delved into their intricacies. What bored casual readers but intrigued some physicists were the extensive footnotes explaining what undiscovered particles and formulas the notations referred to, and hypothesizing the actual science required for such a feat.

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