a cure for the common block

You’re Welcome

The Woman gave a smile to the boy at the booth as she ushered her daughter along with a playful remark, “C’mon Tinkerbell.” Her bemused daughter rolled her eyes and exited the lobby of the box office. Stanley immediately pulled out his notebook and jotted down the exchange. Stan was a storyteller and this was his book of ideas; the notebook with his stories was altogether separate. This was for little flourishes: moments of humanity, relationships, habits, defects. They were mostly witnessed firsthand, glimpses of impromptu scenes with people, not scripted scenes with characters. Little did he know that the daughter was a figment created by the Woman, and the moment was the exact opposite of impromptu. The Muse had planted the seed perfectly in Stan’s head. Weeks later, helping a woman find her seat after intermission, the staging for the first scene inspired a perfect story for the playful exchange.

#ShortShortStories #YoureWelcome


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