a cure for the common block


The Jungle teemed with life. Moths pollinating orchids, pythons pursuing prey; evolution moved forward slowly, but no less a force of nature. Life adapted together to survive until a Creature entered that did not evolve from the Jungle, had not adapted to the heat & disease, the venom & poison, or the fangs & claws. It crept through the shadows on two legs and did not cower from the tiger that approached the looming figure. The tiger bore its teeth and growled. They circled each other, the tiger trying to intimidate and ward off the intruder, but it saw no fear behind the eyes of this strangething; it saw nothing at all. The tiger closed its mouth – still circling – attempting to detect if this was friend or foe. The Creature stopped and reached above its head, wrapping its hands around a thick tree limb; the tiger bent its hindquarters preparing to attack with full force. Two strikes with the limb of a tree! The tiger was down. It was the Creature’s turn, it bore its teeth – a maw of razors – and it roared, sending a quake of fear throughout the Jungle.

#ShortShortStories #Unleashed


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