a cure for the common block

Reunion (Offspring Pt. III)

Nova had always known she was different. She had an innate understanding of what her body was doing at all times; circulation, metabolization, she could even sense the process of forming memories. When she turned twelve (her actual birthday, not the day assigned to her at the orphanage) she knew it was time to begin preparing her body for change. A few days before they left for the cottage Nova was primed, there was only one more thing that she needed. She explained to her disbelieving parents what happened that day: she dove into the water; swam down to the floor of the lake; buried herself, coated herself in silt, mud, minerals and began to hibernate. As she explained the first step in her metamorphosis she flared her gills to demonstrate; she could sense them about to faint again. She reached out to their hands and revealed that her name wasn’t Nova, “That’s what I am, something New.”

#ShortShortStories #Reunion #OffspringIII


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