a cure for the common block


An infant was placed on the steps of the Mission Hill Orphanage with a piece of paper pinned to her blanket with only the name “Nova” on it. The baby with golden locks was quickly adopted by a nice couple – the Prestons – who brought her to their loving home and doted on her night and day. Mrs. Preston found it a struggle to feed her – not that Nova was a picky eater – after a spoonful or two of applesauce she seemed just as content to not eat at all. Aside from that she was the happiest baby who never gave the Prestons a single worry. On her 7th birthday they told her about the adoption to which she replied that she knew, she said she remembered her father kissing her forehead when he dropped her off. As Nova grew older she drew friends and fans, but her only passion was swimming faster and better than anyone else. The first time she did laps for 5 minutes on a single breath the coaches stopped counting as their unblinking eyes burned in astonishment.

#ShortShortStories #Offspring


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