a cure for the common block


Ritchie Blye and Ritchie Katz were identical twins separated at birth who shared a first name by happenstance. Blye was named after his adoptive mother’s father, and Katz after the father’s best friend, who passed away in college. Like many twins they shared oddly specific experiences throughout their lives; first kiss with a girl named Lisa in the 7th grade, favorite film Field of Dreams, and they were accepted to the same university, 1,000 miles from their respective homes on the East and West Coast. Katz’s curiosity piqued after a girl on campus mistook him for “his doppelganger,” an altercation that began with her throwing a snowball at his face and demanding why he never called her back. When he finally tracked down Blye, their conversation was revelatory, they finally understood the sense of incompletion they had both always felt.

#ShortShortStories #Couplet


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