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Why We Fight

The green ink flowed from Marisa’s pen, her teacher deflated in his chair after being unable to answer her series of queries when told she could only use black or blue. Defeated by a six-year-old with one word: why? Year after year other teachers were similarly confounded and the few who attempted to turn it back on her were shushed by her retort, “Green is pretty.” In the sixth grade, her first period Art teacher – Ms. Mancowski – appreciated the creative choice. Unfortunately, the other six she faced throughout her first two days of middle school did not. When Ms. M saw Marisa taking notes with a black pen and a pout she marched her to the principal’s office and argued on her behalf. The school lifted the enforcement and Adams Junior High saw a not-insignificant uptick in grades – especially in their Arts Departments.

#ShortShortStories #WhyWeFight


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