a cure for the common block

Carpe Noctem

Ernest watched the scene unfold from a distance, occasionally looking down at the pages in his notebook: a professional-looking woman casting furtive glances toward her server, at another table making sure the customers were satisfied. At any given moment, Eileen Goetz had roughly fifteen different thoughts/ideas/intentions running through her mind and this moment was no different. When Patricia returned to bring Eileen’s drink she asked a simple question, “Do you know who I am?”, to which Patricia’s stunned silence provided an answer. Eileen introduced herself as the Head Chef of the nearby five-star restaurant and Patricia swore out of embarrassment, then apologized for the profanity wherein she cursed again, tumbling into an avalanche of expletives leading the audience to roar with laughter. The actors waited a beat for it to calm down before proceeding through the farse about a brilliant chef finding a mentee in a dive bar.

#ShortShortStories #CarpeNoctem

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