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Lonely Heart

Belinda finally stepped back into her old-new habits, but it was several days before she saw Peter behind the counter again. During their last conversation she realized that despite how comfortable she felt with him, she knew nothing – only the things she assumed in her imaginary flirtations with him. He asked her if she wanted the usual as he smiled, revealing the dimples that made her wish he was just a few years older. She smiled and nodded, and turned to take her seat while she waited. “The Usual” he shouted, turning the heads of several confused people, watching a red-faced Belinda meekly make her way to the warm cup. Peter stuttered a sincere apology, almost choking up until Belinda released him with a smile. She began to turn when he took a breath and asked if she still wondered about his tattoo. She nodded again, a more concerned look on her face. He was wearing short sleeves and pulled the left sleeve up over his shoulder. He revealed the vines growing thicker further up until they wrapped around the base of a tombstone.

#ShortShortStories #LonelyHeart #Sanctuary #FirstImpressions


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