a cure for the common block

First Impressions

With a new job came a new commute and new habits for the just-thirty Belinda Greer; she would visit a different coffee shop and refill at a different station, but it was all for the better. Upon her first visit to get a Plain Black, she noticed the tattoo on her barista’s left hand: a green vine tracing its way down and coiling around one of his fingers. He was wearing long sleeves, which piqued her curiosity about how far it went up his arm and how it culminated; she pondered various scenarios dreamily as she stirred and sipped her brew. After a few weeks the cold weather relented and she finally caught a glimpse of his bare forearms, the left decorated with multiple vines sprawling from under the sleeve around his elbow and untangling as they spread downward until only one stretched long enough to reach his hand.

#ShortShortStories #FirstImpressions

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