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Deaths-Head Re-Revisited

Dear Julie & Zukie,

Stefan is writing for the both of us. Firstly, we’d never been aware of having actual “fans” before you two. We sold some CDs, we were allowed to open on a tour of another new, albeit more promising band, but you were the first people we ever saw wearing our merch, wearing our band name. The other reason we can’t possibly express how much we owe to you is that you gave us clarity.

After much stumbling, Uri is taking over our attempt to explain how much our chance meeting after the concert – and even just seeing you in the audience – changed our course. Stefan sought drummers and guitarists, and I show up with my clavichord, but he gave me a chance and something remarkable happened. By further Providence we were picked up by a label. We stayed with the gimmick and tried to make it work, but we unsatisfied with the result, the label was disappointed, and the album wasn’t a hit. Needless to say, we were in a bit of a malaise.

Then we met you. A disadvantage to an organic meeting like the day of my audition is that flaws are completely oblivious, you’re so consumed by the harmonious coalescence that you can miss faults obvious to those around you. Also unfortunately for us, those around us didn’t “get it” and thus we dismissed many critiques – even if some were unintentionally accurate. When we met you two we saw ourselves through your eyes, the best version of what we could be. You had incredible insights into our dynamic. That which was ineffable to us, you made effable.

Before that concert I had told Stefan that I could have been making more money at home providing lessons, and we spoke of ending our journey at the end of the tour. Then we stepped out to play “Our Miss White” and saw the two of you, front row, L&L blazed across your chests. The set you saw was not the set that any previous audience saw on that tour, your presence instantly revived an energy within us. We wanted to invite you backstage, but the studio did not allot us any passes.

Stefan apologizes for dragging me off stage when I attempted an encore. He had just had an idea for a new song and required my collaboration. It would become The Garden Party on the enclosed copies of our latest album The Boondocks (we assume you won’t mind getting early copies?) Thank you for not telling anyone wink.

Stefan taking over, I was trying to instruct Uri to inform you that Thank You For Not Snitching is us thanking you for (hopefully) not telling anyone that we sent you early copies.

Uri again. Apologies, occasionally my formality can distort the meaning of a message. You see, we had to self-produce this album as our former label dropped us over multiple “controversies” regarding various aspects of it. They fell hollow on me. Stefan seemed to understand, and attempted to litigate the merits (quite exceptionally, in my opinion). However, the studio wanted nothing to do with it and so we entered contract with a private producer and – due to its “controversial” nature and limited production – were not allowed to give out copies. So we gave you ours.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them, and as our friends (we are friends, correct?) we hope you will be open and honest with your thoughts.

Uri & Stefan

P.S. Uri has just informed me that “Yours” is a contraction of “Your servant”, I wish I had known that before signing my name to it. Also, I am having Uri teach me calligraphy so future correspondence will be more harmonious.

P.S.S. Although having a distinct writing style would make distinguishing ourselves unnecessary.

We hope to hear back from you,
Stefan & Uri

#ShortShortStories #DeathsHeadReRevisited


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