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I’ve Got You Under My Skin

She stopped in his doorway and stared at him like a goat with its mouth open. “You’re new,” she stated obviously to the newest addition to the staff. He introduced himself, as did she, but they barely saw each other throughout the campaign since his job kept him at his desk and hers out in the field. One day he was analyzing poll numbers and confirming the wording of future polls when she poked her head in his office to say “Hi.” He made the mistake of ignoring his first impression of her and she launched into a prattle. Soon her incognizance was alarmingly apparent and he excused himself from his own office – confident that she was incapable of interpreting anything negative from the gesture. Hypothetical headlines flashed in his mind as he feared the reason such an incompetent person could be hired as a paid staffer. As he paced his way through the field headquarters he tried to avoid thinking about the potential scandal involving this young, comely, and totally inept – he paused as he remembered the tangent that set the blatherskite off in the first place: she was doing the Senator’s makeup.

#ShortShortStories #IveGotYouUnderMySkin


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