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I Will Remember You

Ruby peered into the tide pool and marveled at the delicate ecosystem. She didn’t even notice the tide coming in until a wave crashed into the pool splashing water into her face, prompting her to push herself up and shake her head and blow the salty water out of her nose. When she looked back down she saw a cuttlefish as white as sun-bleached bone, still tumbling from the spill. Its fin undulated rhythmically as the startled cephalopod regained composure before jettisoning a cloud of black ink and darting into a crevice directly opposite Ruby. She would recount her pursuit and study of the creature to students year after year, describing it as the moment she discovered her passion in life. Ruby Goode’s Marine Biology course had the highest student retention rate of any course at Hillman College, elective or otherwise.

#ShortShortStories #IWillRememberYou


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