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Harold’s ears rang, his head throbbed, and he struggled to regain orientation. His car was upside-down, but thankfully he and his wife were secured by their seatbelts and the lack of agonizing pain gave them hope to get through without serious injury. As they carefully pressed their arms against the roof of the car to brace themselves into a controlled fall as they unbuckled they saw a group of young men rushing to their car. Before Harold could ask one of them to call for help they dragged him out, rolled him over and began digging through his pockets, taking advantage of his weakened state. Then he heard a strange series of pops followed by the men – wearing university letterman jackets – falling to the pavement like ragdolls. Harold looked up to see a man in a suit so black that it was almost a shadow cloaked around his body, holding a gun with a silencer. Before he could process what was happening he saw into the barrel of the

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No Good Deed

Raul entered the lobby of the theater as usual, toolbox in one hand while the other gave a wave to the usher – Mark – who let him pass to work on an air-conditioning unit. Mark usually liked to make small talk with the repair workers and postal employees, but couldn’t get over the embarrassment of not even noticing that the A/C was malfunctioning when the man in a khaki shirt and matching khaki pants arrived three days earlier. Meanwhile Raul sat in the back of the theater, enjoying his seventh free movie of the week and eating popcorn out of his toolbox.

#ShortShortStories #NoGoodDeed

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