a cure for the common block

Most Wanted

Shane was a bit of a struggle of a child, he would always fidget (unless unhampered by clothes) and complain about what his parents made him wear. To be fair, even his parents hated the wool jacket he had to wear to church and other special occasions, but it was the best they could do on a budget. When Shane immediately locked on a pink tutu they passed and refused to move they didn’t even hesitate to purchase it; if other parents would judgmentally stare at them whether Shane was squirming and throwing a tantrum or wearing a frilly ballet garment, as far as they were concerned the only option was the one where their child was happy. Happy may be an over-statement, but at least he would be comfortable while he rolled his eyes and paced around waiting for his parents to finish shopping.

#ShortShortStories #MostWanted


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