a cure for the common block


The word “Copacetic” rolled off Lolita DeFleur’s tongue like a polished marble, after Andre inquired about her condition. Unbeknownst to her it was his favorite word in the English language, and until Andre heard it pass through Lolita’s lips he didn’t realize that a soft, French accent could make it even more perfect. The temporary linguistic bliss faded within seconds as the pair settled into their cage, detained as political dissidents. For days they were subjected to torture, both the physical pain of electric punishment for non-cooperation, and the psychological anguish of helplessly watching each others’ suffering, unable to take control themselves. One day they were released into a garden for recreation and just as Andre summoned the courage to confess his growing adoration for Lolita she handed him a penny she had been carving, transforming it into the portrait of a young girl. In a previous life Andre Simm was an assassin hired to execute political threats – ironically – but that life and those memories had been erased. He was a changed man, a writer, and even though he had no knowledge or recollection of any wrongdoing, he understood this gesture as an omen of revenge.

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One thought on “Threads

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    Astounding how it all comes together brilliantly. I think I love this one so much it should really be a movie.

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