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Vital Signs (Book of Hours Pt. XII)

Sherry had exhausted all means of finding out what sent Gerald into his compulsive writing campaign. One night she finally let herself give in to her urge to wallow in her love for him, relish the joy he poured into her heart, and it broke her down. She agonized over not being able to help someone who gave her so much support; that he wasn’t allowing her to help. It broke her heart to think that he cared so little about her. The next morning she stumbled down the stairs to respond to the frantic knocking that woke her up – her eyes still red and bleary from soaking in salty tears. She lit up at the sight of Gerald and could barely contain her excitement as she welcomed him to her couch, eager to hear his story. Her mind was constantly working on puzzles and now was no different, paying attention to every word but also seeking deeper answers. By the finish she had an epiphany, and she delightfully placed the timepiece in his hands; she realized that Gerald’s confession was his way of reciprocating her love and she kissed him tenderly. Her epiphany was that the final spirit was not that of Death, but of Peace, thus releasing the spirits from their prison.

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