a cure for the common block

Under the Radar (Book of Hours Pt. XI)

The pocket watch was passed on. preserved from destruction by human greed for Fortune and Glory – even at the expense of Tragedy and ultimately their own demise. For over a hundred years the message was misinterpreted, the legend misunderstood, and the spirits remained trapped until Sherry Oswell realized the truth. The moment she met Gerald Washington he sparked something inside her, a warm glow that burned stronger whenever she was in his presence. He exuded charisma, a light-heartedness she hadn’t expected from someone who had experienced such tragedies in so few years. She found herself falling in love with the man who was more than a decade her junior and decided to lock that secret away in order to remain close to him.

#ShortShortStories #UnderTheRadar #BookOfHours

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