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In the Wind (Book of Hours Pt. X)

There is a legend that the concept of “fatum” or “fate/destiny” was so extensively written about that it was actually willed into existence in the form of a spirit. As the obsession grew the spirit grew more powerful and eventually split into four different fateful spirits, roaming the atmosphere and only occasionally influencing the events of life on Earth. That is, until the four gathered together into a unique timepiece in the possession of a tinkerer in the early 17th century. He had worked on it for days and replaced every gear and spring twice over, but the hands remained at twelve. He put it in a drawer to be forgotten, and even though he moved hundreds of miles away from that watch in that drawer, it influenced the rest of his life. Eventually, the spirits moved on to a new watch, and on, until the late 18th century when a man paid attention to the message they were sending. His paranoia locked the spirits into this timepiece and unbeknownst to them set them on their own destiny.

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