a cure for the common block

Unfinished Business (Book of Hours Pt. VIII)

A year after achieving Glory (a Nobel for their contribution to world peace through increased food supply), Gerald noticed his clock moving toward twelve and was sent into a panic. He had achieved great success before turning thirty years old – he still hadn’t turned thirty – yet in his hand he watched the rest of his life literally ticking away. He withdrew from the world and redoubled his efforts to share every idea and speculation – from economics to particle physics. His clothing looked comedic on his gaunt frame, and his eyes burned from lack of sleep as the young man obsessed over the legend hanging over his head. He had rebuffed a dozen calls and home visits from Sherry, who was growing increasingly worried about the most important person in her life. He had always kept busy, but this was erratic and frightening; Sherry broke into a cold sweat whenever the phone rang. After a period of severe despondency Gerald finally surrendered. At ten-til Doom he decided there was one more thing he needed to share, but he couldn’t write it down it needed to be told.

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