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Forging Bonds (Book of Hours Pt. VII)

Mr. Dunston spoke calmly. He understood the gravity of what had just been revealed about Gerald’s life and assured him he didn’t have to say anything. The lawyer said he would be in touch again, sharing his number in case Gerald wanted to contact him sooner. For the rest of the day he was numb. He thought he was empty of grief, that there was not a dram left to drip from his soul, but that day he felt the sorrow of a hundred deaths. He received his Fortune, but was going to finally learn from past mistakes and not expect his fate to come to him, nor would he dread the how of his fate. He dove into a dozen half-finished projects, with new energy – and funding – checking his watch for progress every day. He immersed himself in new fields, meeting new people. He met Sherry, who would become his best friend, confidante, and partner. When she asked about his thoughts on low-cost, high-protein food to address the nutritional needs in low-income areas, he placed his hand on the pocket where the mechanism rested. After having held it for days and even weeks at a time his hand became perceptive enough to sense the cogs moving before the first second struck. They began brainstorming solutions immediately and within a week they had made tremendous strides, as evidenced by the grinding gears behind Gerald’s kismet machine.

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