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Family Business (Book of Hours Pt. VI)

Gerald trembled as he affirmed that he was Gerald Washington, in response to the man on the phone. A second “yes” to confirm he was the grandson of Isaac Washington to the foreboding stranger who finally identified himself as a lawyer named Mr. Dunston. He said that he represented a relative of Gerald’s who had just died, and before Gerald could express the confusion that fell across his face Mr. Dunston began to explain. Isaac had an illegitimate son with a former maid while his wife was pregnant with Gerald’s father. He sent her away, but not without providing her with a small wealth to care for herself and the boy. While Isaac lost almost everything in the stock market, she invested more wisely and bought her son the best education, which he used to grow their investments even more. Whitney Jennings met his true father only once, just a few years before Isaac died; it was only one conversation, but it was enlightening to say the least. He never introduced himself to the kin he had never known, but he watched over them. When Finn died Mr. Jennings had his lawyer act as a representative of the train company, offering them a fair settlement. And when he died, he left his entire estate to the child prodigy of the Washingtons.

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