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Countdown (Book of Hours Pt. V)

Six years passed without a budge and fears began creeping into the back of Gerald’s mind; yes he had graduated and gotten a Masters in engineering, but he had done little else with his life. In his apartment he studied the watch and for the first time gave in to a long-ignored desire to deeply analyze a problem rather than use the quickness of his brain to solve it. He theorized that fate could not act alone, it would have to work in concert with the actor it affects, thus he began tinkering with a project he had started when he was still pursuing a degree in physics. When the second hand began moving a week later – almost every four hours – it seemed to confirm his theory, however he quit the project when he realized it would strike six before he was even halfway finished with the engine, let alone a working prototype. Dread and anxiety crept back into his heart, whose to say there would only be one tragedy? He began writing furiously, every half-baked prediction – as he was running out of time – to explain how he could come into his Fortune, because it wasn’t going to be through his hard work or genius. He was texting, calling, and emailing every person in his life as the seconds ticked down in the early afternoon in February, no one in apparent danger. Hours after striking six and everyone he knew was still alive, however the next day came with another phone call.

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