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Shot Through the Heart (Book of Hours Pt. III)

Gerald had graduated high school at thirteen, and had a full schedule his freshman year of university when he found the watch and began his descent into madness. He was lucky not to fail out of his courses while obsessing over a fate-determining time piece, but a genius-intellect helped him stay above a C-average. He was just beginning to pick the grades up again when he received a call from his parents. It had been ten days since the family had heard from Finn, Gerald’s older brother, but he was traveling across Europe so it wasn’t unusual to go without contact for a week or more. Unfortunately his parents received a call that he had been in a train collision, and when Gerald was told when and where the crash occurred it took Gerald less than seven seconds to confirm his worst suspicion: exactly when the watch struck three.

#ShortShortStories #ShotThroughTheHeart #BookOfHours


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